Will Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Work For You?

cropped-flat-belly-dietThe goals of losing weight and reducing body fat have always been a challenge. That’s why you see a lot of programs out there that promise the fastest way to get rid of those flabs. You can’t imagine how many diet books, diet programs, ebooks, exercise machines, slimming routines and fat reducing techniques are out there. But despite the number of choices, only a few of these products can really produce positive results.

A popular ebook that seems to have captured quite a following is the “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” book by Tom Venuto.

At 337 pages, this ebook is more than just a weight loss brochure, it’s a thick manual. Venuto’s book is designed to provide those people planning to lose weight with the right mindset to understand how to lose weight correctly and how to work for that goal. If other books treat weight reduction as a generic scheme that would apply to all individuals, Venuto’s philosophy lies on the individualistic approach.

Personalized Approach

His book teaches a personalized approach depending on the individual’s size and style. This unique characteristic of his program is probably one of the reasons why its popularity continues to climb. This and the fact that the program does not adhere to or encourage the use of any weight reduction supplements. Everything can be done the natural way so there’s no need for such drugs.

The book advocates eating the right food combinations which allows the body to burn the calories. What remains are the muscles which consequently burn more body fats. Ordinary body weight reduction schemes helps reduce fats but also drastically reduces water in the process which consequently reduces the muscle mass as well. This is one of the basic concepts that Venuto teaches in his book. One of the key elements in the book is setting personalized goals.

Keeping Fat Permanently Away

Then the book goes on explaining the properties of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and how these affect the body weight. It provides formulas that compute the proper nutrient ratio for specific body type and levels of activities allowing the individual to monitor his own progress. Also, by following a successful routine, one not only reduces his burn the fat feed the muscle ebook coverbody fat but would also be able to keep those fats away permanently. If you were able to reduce weight, remember that it’s just as easy to gain it all back again.

Another true thing about the book which makes it more realistic than other weight loss programs is the fact that it does not promote a shortcut for reducing body fats. It works on a plan that is simple but requires the individual to really work at it. It’s not just “popping a pill and waiting for the results” kind of thing. It is a program where you need a certain level of commitment, dedication and perseverance in order to see positive results.

My Own Take

The author Tom Venuto, is an experienced natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist and success coach – an ideal combination for someone who wants to impart their knowledge and expertise to other people. So the answer to the question would be a definite Yes!In the end, is the book easy to read and follow and would I recommend it? Some say that the book contains “cutting edge” information about nutrition and fat loss. Nonetheless, the book uses popular language to explain concepts that everyone could understand and implement. The guidelines are clear. And through the person-specific goal approach, the program is an effective resource for reducing unwanted body fats and maintaining proper nutrition.

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