If you’re like millions of others who are interested in improving your body and burning fat, and you loved The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Ebook by Tom Venuto (or are looking to download it for the first time), I have some bad news, some good news, and some really good news.

First the Bad News

After selling millions of copies, being a pioneer fitness ebook sold on Clickbank that stayed in the top of the charts for five straight years in a row non stop (and is still going strong since 2003 – almost unheard of for a digital product), The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Ebook will be taken off the market as of December 9th, 2013. That’s right, no longer available for immediate digital download.

The Good News

You can still learn how to effectively burn fat while you are feeding your muscle the way top bodybuilders and fitness competitors do. The reason the Ebook will no longer be available is because the largest English Language publisher in the world has purchased the rights to The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Book and will be selling a print version December 10th, 2013. So if you want a hardcover version of the famous Ebook, you will have your chance in December.

More Good News

Depending on when you read this (if before December 10, 2013), you still have a chance to instantly download the Ebook. You can do so in one of two ways….

You can either go directly to the Official Burn The Fat website to immediately download the ebook by clicking here…


If you have heard about the famous ebook, but don’t know much about it or about Tom Venuto (former natural bodybuilder and the ebooks creator), you can read the real review I wrote about Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by clicking here.

Even Better News

If you are interested in taking things a step further and want to be involved in a ‘system‘ that will help you shed those pounds by burning the fat, Tom Venuto has created a new program to help you do just that,  titled… drum roll please…

The  Burn The Fat 49-day Body Transformation System


The new program will take the knowledge Tom has applied to bodybuilding, and put into Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle; that tailors nutrition, weight training and cardio to the individual rather than a one size fits all ‘diet’, and puts it into a “system” to burn fat that includes multi-media elements like video, audio coaching, and a workout  and nutrition plan.

The Burn the Fat 49-day Body Transformation System is expected to be available (tentatively) for December 9th, 2013. As a reviewer of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, I am in contact with Tom Venuto and will post any further developments on the Burn The Fat System as soon as they become available to me, so check back to this site (burnfatandfeedmuscle.com) regularly for updates.

As soon as I get my hands on the Burn The Fat System, I will put together a complete review of what I think of the product, including any insider info and possible discounts that may be available.

If you would like to sign up to be on a notification list for The Burn The Fat 49-day Body Transformation System to get an inside track on pricing, discounts, my review and official release dates, and more, I will be setting up an opt-in form below to do just that in the next day or so.

Getting the body you want and burning fat takes work and a strong will, but is so so worth every bit of it. While I haven’t used this system yet, if it is anything like it’s predecessor Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, with the added benefit of multimedia, workout and nutrition plans, that can only further aid in your fat burning and get you closer to your body transformation goals, then I think it will be a real hit as well.

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